Speed of particle alone determines power. 'Speed to Market' will make or break companies in the new blockchain economy. Introducing Tobit Clicks the fastest way to take your blockchain company or currency to the masses(to the market).

About US


    This Is Your Invitation.

    Blockchain is quickly disrupting many major industries all over the world. However world changing blockchain companies and currency have to be marketed. Just like the special forces someone has to go first and create the pathway for success. Guess what? Someone thought so much of you that they invited you to change the world.

  • Blockchain Billionaires

    Through the Power of the Blockchain almost every industry will be disrupted. When industries are disrupted new companies spring up to take over like UBER and AIRBNB creating lots of new millionaires and billionaires. The next 1000 important companies will be built of the blockchain. However before the founders become super wealthy they have to launch their product.

  • Your $1,000,000 Opportunity(ies)

    The quickest and easiest way to make a million? Help someone else make a billion! Why? Because they have to do the heavy lifting and you get to come in as a specialist. Perform one task very very well and take your million dollar reward off the billions made and no one will care. They will celebrate you and invite you to help other friends make billions.

  • An Exclusive Launch Team

    Our elite marketing team will be the first to market these products and test the market-viability. They will not only sell the products (or try to), but more importantly collect valuable market data via our proprietary app to provide real time feedback to the company. This is the most precious data and will help them make their billions. For this they will pay us our millions.

  • Earn Income, Equity, and Cryptocurrency

    We believe the compensation mechanism in place for the team is the most lucrative we have ever seen for any company or industry. You get paid multiple ways with extremely generous bonus for performances. Yes, you can make 6 figure compensation just from recruiting(one time because after 2047 members the recruiting is over) , but you could earn 7 figures from marketing with each product launch. Join now to get your position on the Tobit Clicks team.